Sourcing from Thailand suppliers

When Thai-asia receive inquiry from our foreign clients we operate in following steps.

Reviewing documentation to clarify if the product/service is suitable for us.

Locate and evaluate potential suppliers.
Discuss technical issues with supplier.
Negotiate price and delivery/payment terms.

Evaluation of the supplier is send to the client and will feature information as;

         Name, address, other contact info.
         Size of factory
         Main production
         Annual turnover
         Education level of employees
         Technical level of machine park, software, etc.
         Our experience with supplier
         QA management
         Pictures or other media
         Other relevant info
3. Send quote and suggestion for cooperation agreement to client.

The quote will describe commercial details as follow;

         Term of delivery
         Term of payment
         Pre payment arrangements
         Delivery time
         Annual quantity
         Calculation with price breakdown. (transport, handling fee, QA, etc)

Beside commercial details the quote will also include all technical details.

         Product specification
         Raw material specification
         Packing details

4. Establish cooperation agreement between client and us and between client and supplier.

We will provide all contracts (cooperation contract, confidentiality agreement, etc) in English and Thai.
5. Initiate and survey production of the clients product.

We will manage expediting and make sure that your goods will be delivered according to the agreed delivery time.

We arrange container inspection before shipping out of china, and we follow the production process closely and report to our clients.