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Royal Thai Trading and Development is a Bangkok, Thailand based international trading company trading in the worldwide markets with special attention to the Middle East and Islamic / Muslim markets. The product line consists of a wide range of Food products, Air-condition units, Furniture, Household and OTOP. All the food products are 100 % guaranteed Halal food by The Institute for Halal food standard of Thailand which has a strict policy towards the origin of Halal products. The furniture line consists of a various range of products, from wooden doors, bed room set, wardrobe, cabinet, and dinning set as well as living room furniture, to smaller units such as table ware and showing objects. The air-condition line is all foreign and Thai brand name units of highest quality.

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We are a Thailand based inter trade company providing Thai manufactured Halal products mainly to whole sellers around the world with our main market in the Middle East. Our product base is manufactured by trusted Certified Thai producers which are frequently checked up on to secure that they constantly live up to our requirements for the highest standard of the products we supply our customers.


In addition to our fresh food line of products we also supply Air-condition units, furniture, household products and OTOP to customers in the Middle East and on worldwide markets.

If you are interested in purchasing products from Thailand markets, but you have no idea about where to start, who to contact with and rely on, RTD is always your best and reliable trading agent who can satisfy you with all what you need in Thailand. All products needed will be made easy and possible with just a simple process.

Quality assurance

RTD management is fully committed for quality performance. For performing the activities affecting quality, we have provided adequate resources assigned trained and qualified personnel. An inspection on Halal products, for example, is strictly done by the Institute for Halal food standard of Thailand as well as our qualified team staff. This can assure you with 100% according to Islamic ways of Halal food process. All air-condition unit furniture, and household products are best selected from only most reliable ISO certified suppliers or sources. We also have our skilled engineering team to take care of this closely.


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