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The owner of this elegant Bangkok Restaurant spent 15,000,000 baht on assets and leasehold improvements to launch the endeavour around five years ago. Overheads have largely wiped out profits since the restaurant opened however, and it is now available for a knock down price of just 3,000,000 baht. Receipts of approximately 7,200,000 baht are coming in annually, but once food and beverage costs, utility bills, monthly rent of 250,000 baht and monthly salaries of 110,000 baht for 11 employees are taken into account, net profits are negligible. The property is highly prestigious however, and has a steady customer base consisting of mainly repeat customers.

A knowledgeable investor with experience in the food and beverage sector is therefore sought to turn the business around. A nicely presented website draws custom by publicising the cordon bleu menu. The business is located close to Sukhumvit Road in large premises capable of seating around 100 diners in comfortable surroundings, and there is parking onsite for 12 vehicles. A very impressive reputation has been built up since inception, with the restaurant mentioned favourably in numerous magazines; it is widely regarded as being one of Thailand's finest. (BKK13383)
Total Investment to Own: 3 million baht.

The owner of this Bangkok Thai Restaurant has recently decided to relocate with his wife back to his European homeland; he is therefore seeking an investor to purchase the enterprise. Sound financial results have been attained, with receipts of around 3,000,000 baht per annum yielding net profits of approximately 1,000,000 baht. The location is good, close to Sukhumvit Road in one of the leading lower Sukhumvit sois. Measuring 260 square metres, the establishment has seating for 36 customers inside the property and seating for a further 17 in alfresco surroundings. Numerous condominiums are located within walking distance and the restaurant draws its customer base from local Thai and expatriate residents. Assets valued at 180,000 baht are included in the sale. Rent is set at a rate of 70,000 baht per month. (BKK13382)
Total Investment to Own: 2.21 million baht.

Located in a Bangkok shopping and office complex in lower Sukhumvit Road, this elegant Japanese Restaurant was established around five years ago at a cost of approximately 4,000,000 baht. The owner has found that he has never really had the time to devote to the day to day running of the business, and net profits have been consequently modest, even though receipts have been high. During the last financial year receipts of approximately 4,200,000 baht only yielded net profits of around 360,000 baht after the deduction of all expenses; monthly rent of 100,000 baht is payable and salaries total 80,000 baht per month for eight full time employees.

After food and beverage costs are taken into account, along with utility bills, profits of only around 30,000 baht per month are left. The owner has therefore chosen to set an asking price that equates to asset value. Large premises measuring 126 square metres have been secured on a nine year lease contract (three years, renewable twice), and the restaurant has built up a good reputation for the quality of the service, the range of the menu and the sophisticated atmosphere. (BKK13381)
Total Investment to Own: 3.9 million baht.

This Bangkok Beauty Salon was only recently established in one of lower Sukhumvit's major sois, where it sits close to numerous condominiums and hotels. The owner is looking to sell however, as she will soon be moving overseas with her boyfriend. Around 600,000 baht was spent on assets and leasehold improvements, and this is all that is required to effect a business transfer, due to the urgency of the sale. Monthly rent of 17,000 baht is payable for premises measuring 75 square metres. Financial results to date will be discussed with interested parties. (BKK13380)
Total Investment to Own: 600,000 baht.

Established in 2001, this Executive Search Consultancy is an independent boutique operation specialising in the executive search of mid to senior level appointments for blue chip clients who are leaders in their respective fields. Varied search assignments include the recruitment of professionals in marketing, sales, finance, engineering, merchandising, human resources, supply chain, corporate affairs, government relations, regulatory affairs, IT, operations, research and development, etc.

The company's business philosophy focuses on developing in-depth partnerships with clients to achieve quality results based on a dedicated, tailor made approach. It strives for a high level of professionalism, associated with multinational search firms, but with the advantage of cost effective rates and competitive terms coupled with local market knowledge. The company is committed to delivering results in recruiting quality talent for both expatriate and local search assignments.

Managed professionally, the company maintains good systems and procedures enhancing its high growth potential. It operates from a 147 square metre office in a prestigious building located in Bangkok's central business district. The company has a valid recruitment license and is also set up for general business consulting, if required. The management also works with the company's associated companies on regional search assignments in Asia. With paid up capital of 5,000,000 baht, the company is poised to further develop into a more dynamic, reputable and results driven executive search firm, but lacks the financial backing to take it to the next level.

Financial results are good with the company earning receipts of 4,132,000 baht in the last financial year, leading to net profits of approximately 1,700,000 baht during the same time frame after the deduction of all expenses. There is good potential to earn more, as the current business contribution is mainly from the Owner/Consultant with four support staff. Monthly rental/service is 44,100 baht with salaries capped at 106,340 baht. (BKK13372)
Total Investment to Own: 5.1 million baht.

Investment is sought to aid in the expansion of this Bangkok based Visual Effects Company, with 49 percent being made available for 22,000,000 baht. Well established, after starting operations in 2003, the company earns receipts of approximately 30,000,000 baht per annum, leading to annual net profits of roughly 10,000,000 baht after the deduction of all overheads.

The current management ream consists of several highly talented, experienced and award winning experts in their field. A small but well equipped studio operates from the heart of the city, using a team of highly skilled technicians and artists to create complex visual effects for television and movie studios in Hollywood and around the world. Several long term and short term projects are currently being undertaken, ranging from advertising films to feature films, with the less creative projects forwarded to the company offshoot in India.

Visual effects for numerous well known movies have been accomplished to critical acclaim, and some of the projects have even been Oscar nominated. The company owns assets valued at approximately 2,200,000 baht, housed within the comfortably sized studio that incurs monthly rent of 47,000 baht; a workforce of 10 employees operates from here, and their monthly remuneration totals 360,000 baht. (BKK13371)
Total Investment to Own 49%: 22 million baht

UPDATE! The owner is keen to return home to Europe at the earliest opportunity, and has consequently reduced the asking price from 3,995,000 baht to 3,000,000 baht for a quick sale.
Nicely located close to Sukhumvit Road in the Klongtoey region of Bangkok, this Spa measures 270 square metres and has parking for seven vehicles. Having provided professional services for almost five years, the spa has built up a strong customer base, and many promotions with other companies have boosted awareness.

The spa therefore benefits from a very healthy reputation, and the financial results back this up; in the last fiscal year net profits of around 1,800,000 baht were garnered, from receipts of approximately 6,000,000 baht. The owner now wishes to concentrate on another unrelated project however, and is prepared to listen to offers. Monthly rent for the sizeable well-located property is set at 95,000 baht per month, while salaries for the 12 full time employees total 160,000 baht per month.

Assets to be included in the sale have been valued at 4,500,000 baht, and although a suitable period of training will be provided by the owner, it is felt that the employees are knowledgeable enough to virtually run the business on their own, with appropriate supervision. (BKK13339)
Total Investment to Own: 3 million baht.

UPDATE! The owner is now highly motivated to sell, and has consequently reduced the asking price from 3,800,000 baht to just 2,000,000 baht.
Favourably located in the Ekkamai region of Bangkok, this Spa has been trading profitably for the last five years, and earned net profits of around 1,800,000 baht in the last financial year, from receipts of approximately 6,000,000 baht. Another unrelated business project now encourages the owner to place the business on the market, however, and the enterprise has been priced to sell at less than asset value. Over 7,000,000 baht was spent on leasehold improvements, furniture, fittings and equipment, but the owner will now accept 3,800,000 baht to facilitate a business transfer.

The stand alone premises are large, measuring 550 square metres, and monthly rent is therefore quite high at 120,000 baht. The other major outlay is for the payroll, which totals 100,000 baht per month for 12 full time employees. A complete range of services are provided, from Dead Sea salt body scrubs to aromatherapy oil baths, and from Dead Sea mud body wraps to revitalizing aroma-massages. More traditional Thai massage services are also provided, along with facial treatments, and there is also a beauty salon onsite. A fully functional website helps to drive custom, and is included in the sale. (BKK13085)
Total Investment to Own: 2 million baht.

This Language Institute is part of a franchise chain, and was only recently set up in central Bangkok. The location is considered good as it is surrounded by high schools. Fully decorated throughout, the property features four classrooms, a lobby and an office. Training and recruitment will be provided through the parent company and a three year franchise agreement is in place. Monthly rent of 20,280 baht is applicable. (BKK13386)
Total Investment to Own: 950,000 baht.

UPDATE! The asking price has been reduced from 5,000,000 baht to 2,750,000 baht.
The owner of this successful Bangkok English School is seeking investment for expansion and future franchise opportunities. Although the enterprise is relatively new, and only 20 students are currently attending, receipts of 250,000 baht are coming in each month, which leads to monthly net profits of 60,000 baht. Taking just these early results into consideration would see the school yield annual receipts of 3,000,000 baht and annual net profits of 720,000 baht. The school is handily located in a central area of the city, where it aims to improve the English skills of Thai and Korean students using the well known and trusted Callan Method that has become world renowned and highly successful since being invented in England in the 1960's. The main overheads are monthly rent of 35,000 baht and monthly salaries that total 60,000 baht for four full time employees. As the owner strongly believes in the future success of the venture (the corporate client base is set for expansion) he is looking to remain as joint owner, and will pass on 50 percent of the shares for 1,375,000 baht. Alternatively, if no joint investors were to be found, he would reluctantly accept a full buyout for 2,750,000 baht. (BKK13281)
Total Investment to Own: 2.75 million baht.



This large Pattaya Sports Restaurant has a good reputation for showing live sporting events on five huge projection screens and 10 televisions. With a large and varied menu featuring, English, European, Mexican, Indian and Thai food, there is something to cater for all tastes and the regular clientele who visit this popular restaurant are proof of this. Being situated near many four and five star hotels in Naklua is a real bonus and tourists come back time after time. With a total floor space of 320 square metres spread over two storeys, the establishment has been fitted out to a very high standard.

The ground floor restaurant has seating for 52, and is complemented by a lounge bar with new sofas with seating for a further 25 customers; this area has a large projection screen and smaller televisions. A fully fitted kitchen, complete with stainless steel fixtures and equipment, plus a large storeroom, are also on the ground floor. There is also an upper floor dining area for another 64 diners, again with another large projection screen and televisions. A large workforce of 20 employees is in place to cover the 24 hour opening times.

Other business interests in Thailand have prompted the owner to sell the two year old business. Since May 2006 the gross takings are 17,500,000 baht, with net profits of around 8,000,000 baht. The key money has been paid up to February 2010; thereafter the key money renewal is due annually at 750,000 baht. The current monthly rent is 33,000 baht; however this will be reduced to 15,000 baht from February 2009. (BKK12710)
Total Investment to Own: 6.5 million baht.



This enormous Tract of Land is located in the Kathu district of Phuket, and measures 180 rai (288,000 square metres). Sitting within easy reach of several well known large chain supermarkets, the flat land is strategically positioned to benefit from any number of business activities, but the owner feels that it would be suitable for accommodation; there are numerous employers in the area, but a lack of lodging, and he therefore feels that a housing complex or condominium construction project would be ideal. The only large plot still available in the area, the land is served by three roads and a power supply. No building restrictions apply, and although a Nor Sor Sam Kor land title deed is in effect, this can be upgraded to a Chanote freehold land title deed. An asking price of 7,000,000 baht per rai has been set, meaning that the entire plot can be acquired for 1,260,000,000 baht. Asking price: 1,260,000,000 baht. (BKK13374)
Total Investment to Own: 1,260 million baht.

A new business opportunity that is too good to resist has persuaded the owner of this Delicatessen and Coffee Shop to seek offers. Located in an exclusive area of Phuket that is renowned for its suitability for luxury yacht mooring, the three month old shop supplies wine, cheese, caviar and the like for vessel owners stocking up for voyages and excursions. Although it is too early to predict annual financial results, the shop earned 100,000 baht in the first month of trade, followed by 150,000 baht in the second month, and these results were during the island's low season. The owner confidently predicts that receipts will double during high season as this is the only shop of its kind in the area.

Assets worth 700,000 baht are included in the sale, along with an inventory of stock that is normally worth around 100,000 baht. Measuring 26 square metres, the shop has an outdoor seating area measuring a further 18 square metres, and here breakfasts are served to local customers and yacht crews. Overheads are low: only 7,000 baht per month is payable in rent, plus 1,500 baht for maintenance and security fees, and 10,000 baht per month for the salary of the one full time employee. A long lease contract has been negotiated, and this runs for another 10 years. Asking price: 3,200,000 baht. (BKK13373)
Total Investment to Own: 3.2 million baht.

UPDATE! A new 12 year lease contract, expiring in 2020, has just been approved by the landlord. The owner's health problem requires more attention however, and he has consequently reduced the asking price from 10,000,000 baht to 8,000,000 baht. He has set up a new company with a work permit provision and this is included in the sale.
This large Phuket Entertainment Complex features a bar, a restaurant and a nightclub, and is favourably located in a very busy soi in Patong. The owner secured a long 11 year lease in 2006, and spent over 10,000,000 baht on leasehold improvements and assets; poor health now forces him to sell, and he is looking to recoup his investment.

The complex opened for trade in mid 2007, but recently closed due to the owner's deteriorating condition (he is unwilling to let the operation continue unsupervised). The six months of trade saw receipts of around 3,800,000 baht yield net profits of roughly 1,800,000 baht, however, and the owner sees no reason why the purchaser cannot achieve at least these same results. Measuring 520 square metres, the property incurs monthly rent of 80,000 baht.

There is seating for 100 customers, a high standard light and sound system, a kitchen that is fully fitted to professional standards, quality furniture, an attractive website, security cameras, full documentation and an inventory of stock worth approximately 200,000 baht to acquire. (BKK13247)
Total Investment to Own: 8 million baht.


This beautiful sea view Plot of Land sits on a hill near Chaweng on the island of Koh Samui, where it sits surrounded by coconut trees. The owner feels that it is the perfect location to build a resort or housing project. The land is 15 minutes from Chaweng Beach and 20 minutes from a major shopping district. An area measuring 12 rai is for sale at a price of 3,000,000 baht per rai. (BKK13384)
Total Investment to Own: 36 million baht.

This Koh Samui Restaurant is located close to Maenam Beach. It was established three years ago, and currently earns net profits of around 360,000 baht per annum from annual receipts of approximately 1,800,000 baht. Other business interests force the owner to sell, as he has no time to devote to the restaurant. Numerous expatriate residents live close to the property, and there is a well patronised gym nearby that also provides a ready made customer base. Monthly rent is only 6,000 baht on a three year plus three year lease. (BKK13385)
Total Investment to Own: 1.2 million baht.



Featuring 24 bungalows and 54 hotel rooms, this Phang Nga Resort provides excellent four star accommodation for discerning guests. With 150 metres of pure beach frontage, a large beachfront restaurant, clean white sands and an expansive swimming pool, the resort attracts repeat custom from overseas visitors, guests from other hotels and numerous local residents.

The freehold sale has arisen as the owner possesses two other large resorts, and he has decided to concentrate his efforts on them; the new owner will acquire all buildings along with land measuring 16 rai (25,600 square metres) that provides ample room for the construction of more bungalows or apartments. Good occupancy rates are being achieved, helped by online booking facilities provided by the well visited resort website, and high season invariably sees the resort 90 percent occupied (December 2008 is already 70 percent taken). This leads to good financial results, with annual receipts of approximately 70,000,000 baht yielding net profits of around 45,000,000 baht.

A large workforce has been hired to make sure that the guests every whim is catered to; monthly salaries form the biggest overhead, therefore, with 90 employees commanding remuneration that totals 1,000,000 baht per month. Private limousines and buses are on hand to provide transport to and from the international airport at Phuket, around 80 kilometres away. Please see our Sunbelt Phuket website (www.sunbeltasia-phuket.com) for more information and pictures. (BKK13376)
Total Investment to Own: 650 million baht.

This highly profitable Phang-Nga Resort has become available for freehold acquisition due to the upcoming retirement of the owner. Featuring modern styling throughout, the resort has 100 metres of pure beach frontage and consists of 80 elegant rooms, a swimming pool, large conference rooms, a bar and a restaurant set on 12 rai of tropical gardens. A large workforce has been hired, consisting of 80 employees who command a total monthly salary of 760,000 baht. Annual receipts of approximately 50,000,000 baht are yielding net profits of around 25,000,000 baht after the deduction of all expenses.

Located in a secluded area, the resort draws holidaymakers attracted by the security, serenity, crystal clear waters and pristine beach that the unique property provides. As the resort is the only one in the area it enjoys high occupancy rates, and the upcoming high season is already 60 percent booked; families and honeymooners often stay here, and the resort benefits from good repeat custom. Transport to and from Phuket airport, which is about one hour away, is also provided. The resort comes with a Chanote freehold land title deed. (BKK13375)
Total Investment to Own: 400 million baht.


Situated on the picturesque island of Koh Phangan, this 10 rai Plot of Land sits two kilometres from the beach, and provides sweeping sea views from its lofty position on top of a hill. The owner feels that the land is well suited for the construction of an eco resort, a condominium or luxury villas. A concrete road is already in place, and the land comes with a Nor Sor Sam Gor title deed that can be upgraded to a Chanote at no additional cost. An attractive price of 2,000,000 baht per rai has been set. (BKK13377)
Total Investment to Own: 20 million baht.



A well known Restaurant and Bar located in the Night Bazaar area of Chiang Mai has become available for acquisition due to the break up of the owners' marriage. The enterprise was established over 10 years ago; a reliable customer base has been built up over the years and the business now enjoys good financial results, with annual receipts of around 4,000,000 baht yielding net profits of approximately 2,000,000 baht.

The new owner will acquire a thriving turnkey enterprise sitting on 300 square wah (1,200 square metres) of land, featuring over 300 square metres of floor space, seating for 150 customers and a two storey house currently used as owner accommodation; monthly rent of 35,000 baht is applicable on a three year lease contract. As the floor above the restaurant is currently unused, this area could be utilised for the expansion of the business by creating another dining area or a zone for private functions.

The payroll totals 30,000 baht per month for three employees. An attractive asking price that is less than annual earnings has been set for a quick sale; the assets, including all furniture and equipment, would then be acquired as a bonus. (BKK13379)
Total Investment to Own: 1.5 million baht.

This Restaurant is located close to Moon Muang Road in Chiang Mai, where it sits in a single unit shop house with three storeys including living accommodation. Total floor space measures 120 square metres, seating for 40 customers is provided, and rent is payable at a rate of 12,000 baht per month. The business was established two years ago, and the owner has been very happy with results to date; he has recently decided to return to his European homeland however.

In the last financial year receipts totalling roughly 1,500,000 baht yielded net profits of approximately 600,000 baht after the deduction of all expenses. After food and beverage costs, utility bills and rental payments are taken into account, the major overhead is the salary bill which totals 20,000 baht per month for four full time employees. (BKK13378)
Total Investment to Own: 950,000 baht.

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